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Voozie Maker 1.0

With Voozie Maker you can create Interactive greeting cards for your friends
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Voozie Maker, I think you can not understand by its name, that what it actually can do for you, or what is the purpose of this software. Ok! Let me try to explain what application Voozie Maker is . I can say that Voozie Maker can make your relations better and fun loving with your family, friends and relatives. It is unique and rare software of its kind, because by using Voozie Maker you can create Voozie for your friends, family and relatives. Here Voozie is the name used for greetings by its developers. Yes, by using Voozie Maker you can create Interactive greeting cards for your friends, family and relatives and then you can send them via emails, Skype or any file sharing software. Voozie maker gives you the power to create 3D greeting cards in which you can write your own text whatever you want to say anything to your Voozie card receiver. You can attach any still picture you want to share with your friends but not in gif animation format. Or if you want to share any mp3 file with your family then simply attach it with your Voozie card. But if you want to say “I Love You” in your own voice to your beloved one then simply record your voice with Voozie maker in your Voozie greeting. You can also show any FLV video in your greeting. Of course you can select your greeters also who will deliver your greeting to your beloved one. But this is not the limit of its features. So just try it out to know more. Don’t’ worry, Its Free!

Manoj Goel
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  • It is freeware
  • We can write own text
  • We can attach any MP3 file
  • We can record our own voice
  • Can also attach FLV video
  • Excellent graphics


  • Receiver can not play Voozie without installing Voozie Maker
  • Gif format is not supported
  • Other video formats are not supported
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